Here are additional information for the march No Peace Until Justice.

1. Who are the organizers of the march?

My name is Sameha I’m a black Canadian Muslim woman living in Ottawa and I started No Peace No Justice Ottawa. I’ve to come realize that people in Canada think that social injustices never happen here in Canada but they do. Similarly, I wanted to show our support for our black brothers and sisters here and in the United States. I thank each and every one of you for the support, comments, and offers to help. It’s in these times that we need to uphold, support and help each other. I’m truly proud of my community here in Ottawa and I look forward to seeing all of you on Friday.

2. What is the mission of No Justice Until Peace?

Anti-Black racism is a violent reality Black people are subject to in Canada.  Black people face systemic racism, discrimination and bias every single day–in healthcare, education, the justice, police, and prison systems. Anti-Black racism festers the fabric of our communities and societies. Believing otherwise only allows it to flourish.

No Peace Until Justice demands an end to anti-Black racism and all forms of oppression in Canada. We strive to dismantle the harmful structures and institutions that perpetuate and bolster anti-Blackness.

We demand the defunding of the police and an end police brutality and racism in this country. The money allocated to oppress our communities by state actors should be instead redirected and invested into community-based alternatives to punishment and state-sanctioned violence, and into Black-led community organizations and initiatives that empower Black lives and voices and provide desperately needed services.

Together we can create change.

3. What is the objective of the march?

It is to stand in solidarity with victims of police brutality in Canada and beyond. We want to highlight that Canada isn't exempt from police brutality. We want to express our outrage at the complicity of our criminal system and our police force in the harassment, brutalization and death of Black civilians. 

In colonial settler lands, black bodies are targeted by the police. We want to galvanize this momentum into strategic coordinated efforts to support Black organizations doing justice work. 

4. When and where is the march starting?

The march will commence at Parliament Hill at 3pm on Friday, June 5, 2020. 

5. What safety measure is taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Please refer to The Ottawa Public Health document for measure to prevent COVID-19 . 

6. What can I do to ensure my safety?

To ensure your safety, we advise you to go with a partner or a small group that you are familiar with. Make sure you have each other’s contact information written on your arm. Make a general plan on how long you want to stay, where you will meet if you get separated, and where your exit routes are. 

Check in regularly with your partner/group to make sure no one gets lost. If you do lose track of someone or find out they’ve been detained, that’s your cue to reach out to their contacts and possibly coordinate legal help. Please make copy of the Free Legal Aid resources that we have posted. Tip: We recommend you write the provided legal resources on your arm so that information remains with you at all times.

Ask to speak with Duty Counsel if you are arrested and can’t remember a number. 

Additionally, if you are not able to attend or are uncomfortable attending the march yourself, you can offer to be someone else’s off-site contact in case something happens to them. This is a great way to participate without being there physically at the march.

7. Will there be emergency personnel during the march?

Yes, we have nurses, doctors and medical professionals who will be in attendance during the march. 

8. Was the Mayor invited to join the march?

No, the Mayor of Ottawa was not officially invited by the No Peace Until Justice organization.

9. Was the Ottawa Police Service invited to join the march?

No, the Ottawa Police Service was not invited to the march. We have a police liaison who is communicating with the police to ensure the communication between No Peace No Justice.

10. Who can I contact if I have additional questions 

You can contact us directly through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account or by email. Please be patient with us, as we are receiving many requests.

11. I’m from the media, how can I get it touch with the organizers?

Please contact us by email

12. Has the city approved the march?

Yes, we have received the authorization and we have safety measures in place to ensure the safety of all attendees.