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We have been made aware that two Go Fund Me campaigns have been made prior to the No Peace Until Justice march (“BLM Ottawa Protest Food Donations” & “Ottawa Protest Legal Fees Fund (OPLFF)”).

We are not affiliated with any Go Fund Me campaigns, nor did we receive any monetary donations. We have shared our concerns and filed a formal complaint to Go Fund Me.

We strongly advise donors who contributed to any of the campaigns to contact the organizers or Go Fund Me in regards to where the funds were distributed.

At this time, we have not started a Go Fund Me campaign. However, if we do decide to launch a campaign, we will inform you through our official website and social media platforms.

Thank you,
No Peace Until Justice

Nous avons été informés que deux campagnes "Go Fund Me" ont été organisées avant la marche No Peace Until Justice (“BLM Ottawa Protest Food Donations” & “Ottawa Protest Legal Fees Fund (OPLFF)”).

Nous ne sommes aucunement affiliés à ses campagnes issues de la plate-forme de Go Fund Me, et par la présente, nous n'avons reçu aucun don monétaire. Nous avons fait part de nos préoccupations et nous avons déposé une plainte officielle auprès de l'organisation Go Fund Me.

Nous conseillons vivement aux personnes qui ont fait des dons à l'une des campagnes de financement de vouloir faire le suivi auprès de Go Fund Me pour connaître l’état de la situation, à savoir où les fonds ont été distribués.

Si une campagne Go Fund Me sera affiliée à notre organisation dans le futur, nous vous informerons officiellement sur notre site web et sur les plateformes de nos médias sociaux.

Nous vous remercions,
No Peace Until Justice



We, No Peace until Justice (NPUJ), would like to thank all of the speakers, volunteers and donors that made the march so successful on Friday, June 5th, 2020. 

First, we thank the influential speakers that presented at the march. Although all of the speakers were from different faiths and backgrounds, they all collectively expressed the same message to end systemic racism.

We would like to thank the volunteers for their contribution to the No Peace until Justice March. The remarkable success of the march reflected the dedication and commitment of the volunteers. We have been receiving a multitude of messages praising the quick responses of the Health & Safety team ensuring everyone was attended to and cared for. We also appreciated the work of the marchers who tirelessly were in the crowd handing out personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensuring social distancing.  Last but not least, thanks to the volunteers at all three (3) stations handing out water bottles, snacks, PPE, as well as setting up and cleaning up after the event. 

Furthermore, we would like to thank each and every individual that donated masks, water bottles, snacks and toiletries. We are forever grateful. We would also like to thank the businesses that donated supplies for our event. We thank the following:

  • for providing us with sanitizer bottles

  • Pharmasave Respect Rx for providing us with Naloxone kits, gloves, masks, and sanitizers

  • ProMed Pharmacy for providing us with prepackaged masks, N95 masks to our Health & Safety volunteers, water bottles, first aid kits.

  • Thawrih for providing us with pre-sanitized and reusable face masks.

  • CU x UO Smile for providing us with water bottles

  • Pita Pit for providing sandwiches to our volunteers

  • Danny Fripe for providing us with the branded t-shirts that were worn by the NPUJ team members and fellow volunteers.

  • Viral Clean for providing us with face masks

  • Service with a Smile for providing us with face masks and glove kits

  • Mario Luzincourt for providing us with radios so the team could effectively communicate during the event

  • Ray Ray, Arjun, and Bobby for providing us with the audio equipment at both stage locations

Because of your generosity and support, we did not run out of any donations.  

Finally, we would like to thank the organizations that partnered with us for this event: African Canadian Association of Ottawa (ACAO), Equal Chance, For My Daughter, Curly Hair Designs, and Maka Events. This event would not have been a success without their involvement.

Again, thank you.

Public Note: No monetary donations were collected on behalf of No Peace Until Justice for this March.


Nous, No Peace until Justice (NPUJ), voudrions remercier tous les intervenants, bénévoles et donateurs qui ont fait de la marche du vendredi 5 juin 2020 un succès. 

Tout d'abord, nous remercions les orateurs influents qui ont fait des présentations lors de la manifestation. Bien que tous les intervenants soient de religions et d'horizons différents, ils ont tous collectivement exprimé le même message pour mettre fin au racisme systémique.

Nous tenons à remercier les bénévoles pour leur contribution à la marche "No Peace until Justice." Le succès de la manifestation a été remarquable et reflète le dévouement et l'engagement des bénévoles. Nous avons reçu une multitude de messages louant la rapidité de réaction de l'équipe de santé et de sécurité qui a veillé à ce que chacun soit pris en charge et assisté. Nous avons également apprécié le travail des marcheurs qui, inlassablement, étaient dans la foule pour distribuer des équipements de protection individuelle (EPI) et assurer la distanciation sociale. Enfin, nous remercions les bénévoles des trois (3) stations qui ont distribué des bouteilles d'eau, des collations et des EPI, et qui ont assuré la mise en place et le nettoyage après l'événement. 

Nous tenons à remercier également toutes les personnes qui ont fait don de masques, de bouteilles d'eau, de collations et d'articles de toilette. Nous leur en sommes éternellement reconnaissants. Nous tenons aussi à remercier les entreprises qui ont fait don de fournitures pour notre événement. Nous remercions les personnes suivantes:

  • pour nous avoir fourni des bouteilles de désinfectant

  • Pharmasave Respect Rx pour nous avoir fourni des kits de Naloxone, des gants, des masques et des désinfectants

  • ProMed Pharmacy pour nous avoir fourni des masques préemballés, des masques N95 pour nos volontaires Santé & Sécurité, des bouteilles d'eau, des kits de premiers secours.

  • Thawrih pour nous avoir fourni des masques faciaux pré-sanitisés et réutilisables.

  • CU x UO Smile pour nous avoir fourni des bouteilles d'eau

  • Pita Pit pour fournir des sandwiches à nos volontaires

  • Danny Fripe pour nous avoir fourni les t-shirts de marque qui ont été portés par les membres de l'équipe NPUJ et les autres volontaires.

  • Viral Clean pour nous avoir fourni des masques faciaux

  • Service with a Smile pour nous fournir des masques faciaux et des kits de gants

  • Mario Luzincourt pour nous avoir fourni des radios afin que l'équipe puisse communiquer efficacement pendant l'événement

  • Ray Ray, Arjun, et Bobby pour nous avoir fourni le matériel audio sur les deux scènes

Grâce à votre générosité et à votre soutien, nous n'avons pas été à court de don.

Enfin, nous tenons à remercier les organisations qui se sont associées à nous pour cet événement: African Canadian Association of Ottawa (ACAO), Equal Chance, For My Daughter, Curly Hair Designs et Maka Events. Cet événement n'aurait pas été un franc succès sans leur participation.

Encore une fois, nous vous remercions.


Note au public : aucun don monétaire n'a été collecté au nom de No Peace Until Justice pour cette manifestation pacifique.


Peaceful March in solidarity with victims of police brutality in Canada and beyond

We ask the public to join us in demanding justice for victims of police brutality. Let our voices be heard through a march of solidarity against police brutality and anti-Black racism.

We will commence at Parliament Hill at 3pm on Friday June 5th 2020.


No Peace Until Justice is achieving more with our initiatives than ever before. We work on many exciting projects to help improve the lives of others, and are very proud of the progress we continue to make. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change.



Here are a few safety recommendations: 

1. Go with a partner. 

It is advised that you go with a partner or a small group that you are familiar with. Make sure you have each other’s contact information written on your arm. Make a general plan on how long you want to stay, where you will meet if you get separated, and where your exit routes are. 

Check in regularly with your partner/group to make sure no one gets lost. If you do lose track of someone or find out they’ve been detained, that’s your cue to reach out to their contacts and possibly coordinate legal help. Please make copy of the Free Legal Aid resources that we have posted. Tip:We recommend you write the provided legal resources on your arm so that information remains with you at all times.

Additionally, if you are not able to attend or are uncomfortable attending the march yourself, you can offer to be someone else’s off-site contact in case something happens to them. This is a great way to participate without being there physically at the march.

2. Wear the right clothes and bring the right gear. 

You will want to aim for comfort and protection. This means you should wear comfortable shoes you can walk in for hours at a time. Wear clothes that covers as much of your skin as possible and ALWAYS wear a face mask. 

Be sure to bring emergency contact information, cash, snacks, and water (a limited number of donated snacks and water will be provided at the march). 

We highly recommend if you have under-lying health issues to support from home. If you have a medical condition like diabetes, asthma, or severe allergies and wish to attend under your own choice, please bring the medical items that you need to stay safe which might include items like glucose tablets, a rescue inhaler, or an EpiPen. 

If you are injured or there’s a medical emergency, please call or waive down medical personnel.  



Ketcia Peters

Pastor RJ McEwan

Human Rights Activist and Chairperson for Justice for Abdirahman

Carine Basiala

Yvette Ashiri

Sameha Ahmed

Reverend Anthony Bailey

Gwen Madiba

Paula Whitelocke

Godlove Ngwafusi

Imam Majed Jarrar

John Akpata

César Ndéma-Moussa

Kemunto M

More to be announced


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

Martin Luther King Jr.